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Event page

Create event page, enter information and customize its appearance.

Guest list

Add guests to your event one by one, in bulk or allow them to register by themselves.

Event sharing

Share a link to your event on any social network, email it or publish it anywhere.

Online RSVP

Collect guests RSVPs online and know who is going to attend your event.


Send messages to guests (all, attending, etc). Post comments.

Sign up list

Use the sign up list as gift registry, potluck, costumesor anything else.


Create polls for your guests. Ask them about anything!

Tables (groups)new

Create tables and assign guests to them manually or automatically.

Secret Santanew

Make guests attending your event Secret Santas to each other!

Print eventnew

Print and stick your event on information board - people will scan QR-code to RSVP online.

Copy eventnew

Copy your event with guests and sign up list when planning next events.

More ...

More feature to come int the future ...


Event page, visual customization, custom event URL, communications tools, RSVP, gift registry/potluck, tables (groups), polls, etc.


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Examples of special events you can plan with us

Christmas / New Year

Christmas event web-page example

See the demo Christmas event

Bridal shower/Bachelor party/Wedding

Bridal shower event web-page example

See the demo bridal shower event

Baby shower / Baby birth

Baby shower event web-page example

See the demo baby shower event

Birthday party for a child or an adult

Birthday party web-page example

See the demo birthday event

BBQ party/Picnic

BBQ party web-page example

See the demo BBQ party

Outdoor activities with friends

Outdoor activities with friends web-page example

See the demo cycling event

...and so many more ways to use PartyLabz!

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